More than 25.000 kids are now happier

Corporate Social Responsibility

Adelias Foundation

We collaborate actively with the NGO

Nuestra Directora General, Samira Brigüech, founded the NGO in 2007.

A group of executives, entrepreneurs, judges, lawyers, committed to donate part of their time, their contacts, talent and funds to fight against child puberty. They decided to locate their operations in Spain and Morocco.

Hundreds of volunteers joined this beautiful project that focus all their efforts in the education and health fields, because both are big challenges related with the childhood and adolescence.

Our commitment

As a Marketing and Communication Agency, we facilitate to our clients, basing on our experience, marketing Social Responsibility actions that will help them to improve their employees pride as being part of the project. Transmit a social responsible image, with concrete commitments with their clients, shareholders and suppliers. We help them to organize and manage corporate volunteer actions and work very closely so that their social actions will become real.


As final touch to the charm events that we organize, we also propose, with a spectacular success, gifts accompanied by donations to acquire foodstuff, medicine or technological equipment to reduce the digital divide in Spain.